Lionfish: If you can’t beat em, eat em

Lionfish, If you can’t beat them, eat them. Before a year or so we didn’t have these guys in Keys waters. Now they are everywhere, but the solution may be to eat them.

The peppermint-striped lionfish sat boldly on a ledge about 20 feet deep off Key Largo, spreading its pectoral fins like red and white spinnakers in the wind.

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Great Sunday Bonefish

Bou Bosso's nice bone today

Bou Bosso got this nice bone today and wish we would have been there

Big Snook from Costa Rica in the ’80’s

 One of the guys working on our house next door, Nick, caught a real nice snook at the bridge last night, over 20 lbs.  Didn’t have a picture but here is one Phyllis caught at Casa Mar in Costa Rica back in the 80’s and was 34 lbs.  None of the Macho guys would give her credit.